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Highly moisturizing cream to the face

Wetting the room, probably because I sit in a dry, hot air. Buy a humidifier or disassemble wet towels on the radiators, the water to evaporate and settled in the air that you breathe. Skin condition strongly straining air conditioning, so staying in this room do not forget about thermal water or other moisturizing mist to the face. Remember that after using most of them, you should wipe your face dry, otherwise only deepen dehydration.

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organic silicon and hyaluronic

organic silicon and hyaluronic acid. It provides a soothing and refreshes the eye contour. Especially recommended for sensitive skin. Natural effectiveness based on pure aloe derived from organic agriculture. Handicrafts methods of its acquisition guarantee the purity and healing properties.

Hidraloe Lotion 200 ml Hidraloe Short description Indicated especially for dry skin, subjected to exposure to the sun, wind, cold and dry air. Combats the itching. MORE INFORMACJISUBSTANCJE CZYNNESPOSÓB USE Delicate Body Milk with a pleasant aroma. It has moisturizing and soothing properties due to the presence of aloe vera and glycerin to retain water in.

Brain Exercise Games – Play Them to Stay Mentally Agile and Fit

Technological advances as MRI scan allows us to see how our brain operates and regions where the origin of emotions. Experts hope that new research efforts will help fight autism, Alzheimer’s and depression, says dr. Thomas R. Insel, director of the US National Institute of Mental Health. “The final journey to understand who

It could be terrible colonoscopy replaced by a simple blood test? esearchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered CCSA-3 and CCSA protein-4 in the blood of cancer patients colon, and those who have precancerous polyps. It seems that the proteins
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Dermal and moisturizers

of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which increases the activity of sebaceous glands.Furthermore, azelaic acid affects vascular perfectly on skin – soothes redness, pointed vascular lesions, lumps.With the addition of the amino acid – glycine exhibits an elasticizing dermal and moisturizers.

According to the clinical tests performed by the manufacturer, azeloglicyna at 3% applied twice a day for three weeks, noticeably increased the moisture and elasticity. SourceSorry, but azeloglicynę has only one shop blanks (e-natural) and very often deserted. Sam waited a long time until it is again available, and immediately bought more capacity, which is enough to me for some 2-3 months, that is until I start to use retinoids)

The use of platelet rich plasma

The use of platelet rich plasma in aesthetic medicine has crowds of supporters, both among physicians and stars. To “vampire facelift” admits even Kim Kardashian. Now the method has been improved and what’s more it already offers specialized clinics in Poland.

Speech about the i-PRF (platelet rich fibrin injection) or platelet-rich plasma new generation. The preparation, slower than conventional platelet rich plasma, releasing the life-giving growth factors from platelets. And that increases the effectiveness of treatment. The new method, in addition to blood cells, allows for a circulating mesenchymal stem cells.

Observe the expiry dates of cosmetics

Observe the expiry dates of cosmetics with filters. If the cosmetic from last year, even nominally still fit for use, it was often stored on a beach or generally in direct sunlight – it is safe to throw it away because it could lose its protective properties.
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Contraindication for tanning is:
– Certain medications – from barbiturates and sulfonamide antiinflammatory agents – analgesic, antirheumatic, diuretic, antibiotics tetracycline, certain antidepressants, sedatives, antidiabetic hormone, including oral contraceptives, some antimicrobial agents, antifungal agents, acid derivatives benzoic acid with St. John’s Wort herbal medicines, angelica.

“Tomatoes also contain lycopene, an antioxidant that protects

“Tomatoes also contain lycopene, an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage, including acting as a natural sunscreen,” Lakatos Shames says. Bonus points: Make a pasta primavera or veggie lasagna to get servings of antioxidant-rich vegetables too. Soup: You already knew this was a relatively healthy comfort food, but here’s further encouragement to treat yourself to it often this winter. “Soups low in sodium, usually those made at home, can be great for the skin since they’re hydrating and help to plump up the skin,” Lakatos Shames says.

Treatments and reducing agentsNot

Treatments and reducing agents. Not always, however, it is the ability and the time for self and home preparation of suitable formulations and cosmetics. For this reason it is worth to obtain a high-quality creams and cheese, tailored to specific skin types. Regular skin care will make the maximum use of domestic and finished natural cosmetics.

Therefore, take a look at the range of highly effective anti-wrinkle cosmetics Anti-Age: One of the first signs of aging is the wrinkles on the neck and hands. Therefore, we properly care for your skin as long as possible to ensure the best possible appearance. What does that delay the aging neck? The neck is one of the